Since 2013 Akkukachasma is always working to providing you good quality products cheapest than other online websites as well as a marketplace. Here anyone wants to cancel their order in simple Two-way to cancel your order.

1- Reach us on WhatsApp at +918188881661 ask to cancel your order. 

2- You can Simply call on +918188881661 ask to cancel your order.

Order will not Cancel Condition and money is not refundable On following Product-

Mostly we want to to make easy and fast shopping as possible, as Easy is the first term of shopping on online but 2nd commitment is your product is reach you soon without any wasting of time because we know you can't think any work without your glasses. That's why we try to dispatch your eyeglass product same-day shopping or next-day shipping commitment.

>>So you can cancel your order within 6 hours only*. The amount will refund to your account.

>>If you can not cancel your order within 6 hours only*. The amount will not refund to your account.

How do I can get my money back?

Within 2-3 days your amount will deposit into your account  

If there is any dispute arise, In that situation, we can ask for your only UPI ID for the amount transfer.

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