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  • Pick-up and Drop Service For changing only lens- Sometimes customers ask about to purchase lens from us in that situation we are providing you to complete pick-up eyeglass after complete the eyeglass its will deliver to you and price follow-

For only change lens book from our 

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Pickup your frame within 1-2 daysDeliver to our warehouse 5-6 daysFinal deliver 5-6 days
It's a total of 10-12 days Process, as usual, from our courier's partner.

How to book You can  book from our WhatsAppContact us  / Try at Home  

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Share your requirement details 

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Share your shipping details 

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You will receive your tack id after 1 day

Charge for pick-up and Drop service All India*   Rs100/-

Product delivery time depends on City or Product category because many cities are located in different Tier 1-2-3-4 and some lens is available in a stock category or some special category is made by from company manufacture fresh lens.

  • Stock Eyeglass / Booking category with delivery time*                                                                                                                                          
Stock Order Booking (Single Vision/Blu cut )5-6 working days
Special Order Booking ( High Number/Progressive/D-Bifocal/another brand lens)10-12 working days
  • Sunglass /Booking category with delivery time*     
Sunglass without power 5-6 working days
Sunglass with power 10-12 working days
  • Contact lens /Booking category with delivery time*     
Power Contact lens10 - 12 days
Contact lens with color 5 - 6 days