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Full-frame-Eyeglass by Akku ka Chasma 2541 Black Full Frame
Geometric Both(M/F) Eyeglasses

Rs.899 1999

Including basic Blu cut lenses

Frame Size M
  • 130 MM Frame Width
  • 52 MM Lens Width
  • 41 MM Lens Height



Nice frame thank you !!



Very good service with great customer support Thanks!

-Nishant Jain

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  • Alishba2021-10-18 10:37:16

    Nice frame thank you !!

  • Nishant Jain2021-08-10 05:52:03

    Very good service with great customer support Thanks!

Lens Material Demo Polycarbonate
Frame Color Black
Collection Trend
Shape Geometric
Gender Both(M/F)
Style Full Frame
Product Id 2541
Product Type Eyeglasses
Packaged by akku ka chasma India
Raw Material Sourced from Imported [international]
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Geometric shape eyeglasses is very different eyeglass shape which is come with round eyeglass shape, Square shape, Wayfarer shape cate eye fancy eyeglass eyewear shape in now on sale price with 699/- starting Geometric shape eyeglasses Optical eyeglass shape is nowadays are many available is the online and offline sale price. This is a unique type of eyeglass designer shape you should have to switch with the  Geometric shape eyeglasses.

Whatsapp us if any other type of eyeglass For Men / Women eyeglass frame collection eyewear frame.